Pool Leak Detection

Professional Pool Leak Detection in Ephrata, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Lancaster, & Reading

Do you have the impression that the water level in your pool decreases day by day? Then you may have to call a pool service company for pool leak detection. Just as with any problem, the sooner you contact specialists, the simpler and less expensive the repair works will be.

A trained technician knows where to look for cracks in the foundation or damage to the pipes. Once the problem is fixed, you can rest assured that it will not occur again because the pool lead detection experts will give your pool a thorough inspection.

How to Know You Need Pool Leak Detection Service

Some pool owners may mistake a pool leak for natural water evaporation (which is absolutely normal). However, you can perform a quick test to find out whether you really need to make a pool leak detection appointment.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Fill a bucket with water within an inch of the top (to prevent it from floating away)
  • Place it on the top step of the pool
  • On the outside of the bucket, mark the pool water level with a marker
  • Run the pool under regular conditions for 24 hours
  • Check the difference between the marker and the current water level in the pool

If you note a significant difference between the initial and the current level, you should call a pool leak detection company.

Let Professional Pool Leak Detection Specialists Help You

Acqua-Docs hold an A+ BBB rating for the quality of the workmanship and equipment we use for pool leak detection and repair. We strive to cause as little disturbance as possible at your property while we inspect and fix your pool. We operate two stores in Royersford, PA and Ephrata, PA and our service area includes the cities of:

  • Philadelphia
  • King of Prussia
  • Lancaster
  • Reading

Call us now: 717-733-7667!

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