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Pool Installation Services in Ephrata, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Lancaster, and Reading, PA

A swimming pool is a worthwhile investment that can guarantee hours of fun for families or guests. If you’ve decided to get a pool, you need to hire a reputable company to handle your pool installation and related pool services. Aqua-Docs can design and install the perfect inground pool for your home or commercial property. We offer the Lifetime Fiberglass range so there are several shapes and styles from which you can choose. Pool installation is a complex process so you need to ensure you work with the best. Reach out to our team of experts and learn more about our professional swimming pool installation services.

The First Steps in Swimming Pool Installation 

Before you can have that beautiful pool you’ve been dreaming of, there are several steps in the inground pool installation process that need to be completed. After we agree with the customer on the specifics of the design, we’ll then:

  • Excavate the space to the required size and shape 
  • Add masonry sand to the hole and attach the plumbing fittings 
  • Install all the plumbing and electrical components
  • Add decking around the pool
  • Place the pool in the hole
  • Place sand or another material around the pool and then fill the pool with water
  • Complete the electrical and plumbing work

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All Lifetime Fiberglass pools come with a lifetime warranty, and they’re eco-friendly, highly durable, and low-maintenance. Our swimming pool installation experts will help you decide on the best pool for your residential or commercial property and then install it as efficiently as possible. Looking for pool installation services near you or unsure about the typical pool installation cost?

We have locations in Royersford, PA and Ephrata, PA and we also serve:

  • Ephrata
  • Philadelphia
  • King of Prussia
  • Lancaster
  • Reading

There’s no need to continue wondering what goes into getting a pool or how much is the average pool installation cost. Simply call us, and we’ll discuss your needs and guide you each step of the way.

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