Keep your pool clean and healthy all summer long with a selection of the best brands in cleaners and pool equipment. Visit Aqua-Docs pool supply store, with locations in Royersford and Ephrata, PA. 

Best Pool Supply Store in Royersford and Ephrata, PA

Whether you’re cleaning out the pool for a weekend with your family or need to schedule hot tub service, Aqua-Docs has the best selection of swimming pool supplies in the Philadelphia area. Our knowledgeable sales people can help you find the right pool supplies and give you tips and tricks for keeping those clean all season long. 

What Kind of Pool Supplies Do You Need?

Owning a pool is awesome, no doubt. But your pool also needs regular cleaning and upkeep to keep it healthy, sanitary, and clean. If you’re a new pool new owner, there are several products we recommend to get you started on a great pool care routine. 

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Residential Pools

Enjoy the luxury of our Lifetime Fiberglass Swimming Pools. We’ll help you design and install the perfect pool for your backyard. Choose from many styles and shapes. Our residential pools have lifetime warranties!

Residential Pools

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Commercial Pools

We are swimming pool contractors and can help you design and install a pool that will meet your needs. Your guests will be relaxing in our concrete poured pools with help from our team.

Commercial Pools

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We understand the frustration that happens when your pool, hot tub, swim spa, or sauna isn’t working correctly. That’s why we at Aqua-Docs make it our number one priority to give you the best service possible.


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Leak Detection

Do you think you have a leak in your pool somewhere? Let us come out and repair it for you! Many times we can repair it underwater so you don’t need to drain your whole pool. We also offer 24 hour service!

Leak Detection


Swimming Pool Supplies All Pool Owners Should Have

Not every new product on the market is necessary, so you don’t need to run out to the nearest pool supply store and buy everything on the shelves. There are, however, some basic pool supplies you want to always have around if you can. 

  • Water-testing Strips. Once a week you should be testing your pool water to make sure it is clear from harmful bacteria and algae. 
  • Pool Shock. Used once a week, pool shock chemicals will help kill bacteria and assist your regular sanitizer. 
  • An Algae Brush. No matter how many chemicals you use, algae finds a way. These hard-bristled brushes are perfect for scrubbing off that nasty green gunk before it has a chance to take hold. 
  • Telescoping Pole. This quintessential pool supply makes reaching dirt and debris at the bottom of your pool easy. 
  • Filter Cleaner. Keeping your filter clean not only helps your pool water stay at healthy levels, it also helps extend the life of your filter itself. 

Where to Find Us

Aqua-Docs is Eastern Pennsylvania’s go-to pool supply company. We proudly serve pool and hot tub owners in: 

  • Ephrata
  • Philadelphia
  • King of Prussia
  • Lancaster
  • Reading
  • Royersford

Call today to ask about scheduling service, or stop into one of our two locations in Royersford and Ephrata to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

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